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To Kiddy Kats!

Kids are Cuter in Kiddy Kats!

Kiddy Kats has been producing quality infant and toddler feel-good knits for 25 years.

That’s 25 years of infants and toddlers who have made it more fun with Kiddy Kats!

The perfect fit and yummy soft feel of ringspun fabric made for children who love to wear them…and for their grandparents who love to hug them.

Put your imprint on our ringspun knits and watch them pop out at you. Inspire customers with your creativity using lots of Kiddy Kats’ bright colors.

Watch the smiles on their faces when your imprint is viewed and the soft fabric is touched.

And, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention how well they last through all those washings.

Make it more fun with Kiddy Kats!

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